Red Water natural skin care
Tonic Bath And Shower Gel with honey Hydrating Bath And Shower Gel with olive Refreshing Bath And Shower Gel with cedar Relaxing Bath And Shower Gel with oat milk Hydrating Day Cream with orange 24 Hour Balancing Face Cream with pomegranate Eye Cream Treatment with flax Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream with olive and honey

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Red Water (natural skin care), Panthenol Plus (ideal for skin's irritation and redness), DuSavon Terra (accessories), M-Free (natural insect repellents)

Natural Skin Care – Red Water of Benefit Hellas

Natural skin care Red Water

Natural skin care
Red Water

Care for irritated and red skin Panthenol Plus

Care for irritated and red skin
Panthenol Plus

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories
DuSavon Terra

Natural insect repellents

Natural insect repellents

Mediterranean Philosophy

The natural skin care products of Red Water Laboratories are designed to combine elements from Greek nature which are beneficial to the skin: Loutrochori source thermal spring water, olive oil and vital plant extracts. The inspiration behind the Red Water line, the Benefit Hellas scientists, focused on creating products whose essence is rejuvenating, natural and beneficial to health.

The result: A complete skin care range which is unique, fresh and bursting with the natural goodness of Greek olive oil, herbs, and the highly interactive energy of thermal spring water.

Sophisticated Science

These natural skin care products are perfectly compatible with the physiology of the skin. Our first priority in creating the formulae was the efficacy of our products, with respect to the nature of the skin. The line is a creation of scientific and aesthetic integrity, and is made from environmentally-friendly ingredients.

Considering You And The Environment

  • Silicon-free
  • Parabens-free
  • Propylene-glycol-free
  • No genetically mutated substances
  • No petroleum derivatives and by-products
  • Allergen-free fragrances
  • Not tested on animals

The Red Water range places an emphasis to rejuvenation and protection, and brings the high energy of thermal spring water and natural ingredients to your daily skin care.