Anti-Cellulite Gel

With seaweed and ivy

Slenderising and anti-cellulite, for tackling localised fatty areas and smoothing skin texture

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  • Thermal spring water, rich in minerals and trace elements that restore the balance of the skin tissue
  • Seaweed extract, for fat dissolution and stimulation of microcirculation
  • Ivy extract, for toning and decongestion
  • Guarana complex, for tackling localised fatty areas
  • ABC Celluplex, with intense action against cellulite
  • Cola extract, for the prevention of cellulite

Intensive treatment for tackling localised fatty areas and cellulite, with remarkable results. Red thermal spring water transfers oxygen and trace elements, that help to the activation of enzymatic functions, responsible for the hydrolysis of the mycopolysaccharides family products and especially hyaluronic acid which causes the body retain large quantities of water hypodermically. Rich in seaweed, ivy, guarana and penetrating plant extracts with intensive biological powers that due to their fat dissolution ability contribute to the distinct reduction of fat reserves. Because cellulite consists of water and fat concentration and the viscosity of the hyaluronic acid drops very low, absorption is achieved washing away water and fat. Rejuvenates and improves the skin's texture, while eliminating the “orange peel” look, creating soft and firm skin.

Anti-Cellulite Gel

Anti-Cellulite Gel

Use one or twice daily after shower for one month. After the first month continue using 2–3 times a week.

200 ml (millilitres)
Manufacturer's reference number: 55.00601
System reference number: BNEF-00000001-20090907222745