Body Butter

With almond and olive oil

Nourishment and hydration for the body, for dry and dehydrated skin

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  • Thermal spring water, rich in minerals and trace elements that restore the balance of the skin tissue
  • protective almond oil, with anti-ageing qualities
  • Organically cultivated olive oil, with antioxidant action
  • Shea-butter, for nourishment and regeneration
  • Sunflower oil, for reinforced hydration with antioxidant benefits
  • Cocoa-butter, for intensive care with traditional nourishing action

Cream for persistent and reinforced hydration based on Red thermal spring water, which is rich in restorative elements and almond oil, that consists of 50% essential oils, proteins and sugar. Due to the rich texture and nourishing elements of shea-butter, sunflower oil and cocoa butter, this powerful combination soothes demanding dry and very dry skin, while restoring the lost elasticity and the structure of the cellular tissue. Red thermal spring water reinforces the transfer of oxygen and nourishing elements to the cells, giving a silky feeling and preventing premature ageing. The olive oil in the Red Water Body Butter comes from organically cultivated olive groves without fertilizers and plant pesticides.

Body Butter

Body Butter

Massage well onto dry skin. For best results apply daily after exfoliating or dry body brushing.

200 ml (millilitres)
Manufacturer's reference number: 55.00502
System reference number: BNEF-00000001-20090907215645