Body Shower Scrub

With apricot stones

Body exfoliation, for all skin types

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  • Thermal spring water, rich in minerals and trace elements that restore the balance of the skin tissue
  • Apricot stone granules, for exfoliation with nutritional elements
  • Calendula extract, with healing action
  • Sage extract, with antiphlogistic ingredients
  • Provitamin B5, with moisturizing components

Body scrub inspired by a traditional treatment for healthy skin. A combination of apricot stone granules that remove unwanted dead cells, and Red thermal spring water nourishes the skin with natural elements and helps homeostasis of the tissues, reinforcing the correctional ability of the skin. Enriched with calendula and sage extract which protect the normal structure and the quality of collagen and elastine. The Red Water shower scrub removes all signs of fatigue and everyday discomfort leaving a fresh feeling.

Body Shower Scrub

Body Shower Scrub

Massage into damp skin with a circular motion, rinse thoroughly. Repeat once or twice weekly depending on your body's exfoliation demands.

200 ml (millilitres)
Manufacturer's reference number: 55.00504
System reference number: BNEF-00000001-20090907220242