Hydrating Bath And Shower Gel

With olive

Moisturising, for all skin types

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  • Thermal spring water, rich in minerals and trace elements which restore the balance of the skin tissue
  • Organically cultivated olive oil, with intense hydrating and antioxidant action
  • Provitamin B5, with soothing and moisturising action

Moisturising shower gel with the power of Red thermal spring water, which converts the cleansing process into a well being treatment. Olive oil has scientifically been proven to be rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and E. It is deeply nourishing and reinforces the skin's elasticity, while it replaces all lost hydrating elements. A soft and rich foam that moisturizes the skin and reinforces it with powerful hydrating properties of Provitamin B5, which on penetrating the skin is converted into Vitamin B5. Red Water's Bath & Shower olive oil comes from organically cultivated olive groves without fertilizers and plant pesticides.

Hydrating Bath And Shower Gel

Hydrating Bath And Shower Gel

250 ml (millilitres)
Manufacturer's reference number: 55.00402
System reference number: BNEF-00000001-20090907220554