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24 Hour Balancing Face Cream

Price: £30.00 GBP

~ $45.01 USD
~ €41.94 EUR

24 Hour Balancing Face Cream With pomegranate

Equilibrating cream with SPF 6 for 24-hour balance, for all skin types

Equilibrating and balancing cream, which covers all your skin's everyday demands. With spectacular results in the reinforcement of intercellular continuity and preservation of moisture, the Red thermal spring [...]

Hydra Demake-Up Emulsion

Price: £17.00 GBP

~ $25.51 USD
~ €23.76 EUR

Hydra Demake-Up Emulsion With night flower (primrose)

Everyday cleansing, for all skin types

Facial cleansing milk that cleanses, refreshes, softens and deeply hydrates. Removes make up without leaving traces, dust, sweat, sebum and all dead cells are wiped away effectively. A rich creamy texture based on [...]

Hydra Tonic Lotion

Price: £18.00 GBP

~ $27.01 USD
~ €25.16 EUR

Hydra Tonic Lotion With jasmine

Every day cleansing and toning, for all skin types

Tonic lotion without alcohol, which concludes the cleansing process, eliminating even invisible traces of make-up. The Red thermal spring water, which is perfectly combined with white tea extract, keeps the [...]

Hydrating Bath And Shower Gel

Price: £10.00 GBP

~ $15.00 USD
~ €13.98 EUR

Hydrating Bath And Shower Gel With olive

Moisturising, for all skin types

Moisturising shower gel with the power of Red thermal spring water, which converts the cleansing process into a well being treatment. Olive oil has scientifically been proven to be rich in antioxidants and vitamins [...]

Hydrating Day Cream

Price: £30.00 GBP

~ $45.01 USD
~ €41.94 EUR

Hydrating Day Cream With orange

Day cream with SPF 6, for young complexions

Non-greasy hydrating day cream, rich in orange extract, for everyday care and protection of the juvenile skin, with SPF 6, ideal for all skin types. The nourishing elements of Red thermal spring water are combined [...]

Panthenol Plus Hand Cream

Price: £6.00 GBP

~ $9.00 USD
~ €8.39 EUR

Panthenol Plus Hand Cream

Panthenol Plus is a skin care line with Provitamin B5, alantoin and triclosan ideal for skin susceptible to irritation and redness. The skin care products are suitable for systematic daily hydration, as [...]

Wooden Hair Massage Brush

Price: £6.50 GBP

~ $9.75 USD
~ €9.09 EUR

Wooden Hair Massage Brush

Birch wooden brush and rubber base which minimises friction on head hair during combing. The rounded ends of the wooden pins ensure gentle massage which improves blood circulation to the roots of hairs and proper [...]