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Eye Cream Treatment

Price: £31.00 GBP

~ $46.51 USD
~ €43.33 EUR

Eye Cream Treatment with flax

Cream that removes fine lines and dark circles, with SPF 6; for tired eyes with puffiness and premature wrinkles

Cream for the face's most sensitive area, with an exceptionally efficient combination of Red thermal spring water and flax, with extra rich texture, that helps the glukoamynoglukan composition, for intensive [...]

Face Foaming Cleansing Gel

Price: £19.00 GBP

~ $28.51 USD
~ €26.56 EUR

Face Foaming Cleansing Gel With green tea

Everyday cleansing and toning, for all skin types

Foaming gel without alkalis for deep cleansing and toning, based on Red thermal spring water, with intense hydrating abilities, green tea, rosemary and balsam. Green tea, a source rich in proteins vitamins B2, C [...]

Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream

Price: £33.00 GBP

~ $49.51 USD
~ €46.13 EUR

Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream With olives and honey

Anti-wrinkle protection, reinforced nourishment and hydration with SPF 8, vitamin A and olive oil extract; for mature skin types

Prevents wrinkles and fine lines while reducing and smoothing existing ones. Olive oil contains oleic acid which has outstanding anti-aging properties. It has been scientifically proven that it is rich in [...]

Face Mask Treatment

Price: £21.00 GBP

~ $31.51 USD
~ €29.36 EUR

Face Mask Treatment With rice protein

Intensive moisturising and rejuvenating with thermal spring water energy, for all skin types

Total recovery mask with a unique composition of rich, natural ingredients, that acts catalytically on tired skin and awakens it, due to the Red Water thermal spring water properties. With rice proteins rich in [...]

Face Scrub

Price: £20.00 GBP

~ $30.01 USD
~ €27.96 EUR

Face Scrub With olive stones

Gentle weekly exfoliation and deep cleansing, for all skin types

Face scrub based on Red thermal spring water and olive stone granules. Without causing irritation, it removes dead cells, sebum, oddments and impurities that surcharge the skin daily. The beneficial elements of Red [...]

24 Hour Balancing Face Cream

Price: £30.00 GBP

~ $45.01 USD
~ €41.94 EUR

24 Hour Balancing Face Cream With pomegranate

Equilibrating cream with SPF 6 for 24-hour balance, for all skin types

Equilibrating and balancing cream, which covers all your skin's everyday demands. With spectacular results in the reinforcement of intercellular continuity and preservation of moisture, the Red thermal spring [...]

Hydrating Day Cream

Price: £30.00 GBP

~ $45.01 USD
~ €41.94 EUR

Hydrating Day Cream With orange

Day cream with SPF 6, for young complexions

Non-greasy hydrating day cream, rich in orange extract, for everyday care and protection of the juvenile skin, with SPF 6, ideal for all skin types. The nourishing elements of Red thermal spring water are combined [...]

Eye Make-Up Remover

Price: £16.00 GBP

~ $24.01 USD
~ €22.37 EUR

Eye Make-Up Remover With chamomile

Cleansing of sensitive eye area, suitable for waterproof make-up, sensitive eyes and contact lense wearers

Mild and effective eye make-up remover lotion with pH similar to that of tears. The Red thermal spring water and the active chamomile extract – well known for it's anti-inflammatory action – mollify and [...]

Body Butter

Price: £25.00 GBP

~ $37.51 USD
~ €34.95 EUR

Body Butter With almond and olive oil

Nourishment and hydration for the body, for dry and dehydrated skin

Cream for persistent and reinforced hydration based on Red thermal spring water, which is rich in restorative elements and almond oil, that consists of 50% essential oils, proteins and sugar. Due to the rich [...]

Hydra Demake-Up Emulsion

Price: £17.00 GBP

~ $25.51 USD
~ €23.76 EUR

Hydra Demake-Up Emulsion With night flower (primrose)

Everyday cleansing, for all skin types

Facial cleansing milk that cleanses, refreshes, softens and deeply hydrates. Removes make up without leaving traces, dust, sweat, sebum and all dead cells are wiped away effectively. A rich creamy texture based on [...]
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