The Red Thermal Spring Water

The Red Thermal Spring Water for natural skin care

The Red Thermal Spring Water


  • From ancient times, thermal spring water has been acknowledged for its unique benefits to human health and beauty.
  • The first written reports about thermal spring water and its therapeutic properties belong to the Greek philosopher Aristotle and the historian Xenophon. Archaeological findings and ancient documents have revealed that in the 3rd and 4th century BC thermal spring water was used for its sanitary powers in various asklipeios (therapeutic centres in ancient Greece) located in Epidaurus, Kos and other ancient cities.
  • Particularly, thermal spring water was commonly used in ancient times for because of its physicochemical properties.


  • Our thermal spring water comes from the Loutrochori spring, in the historic Pella – birthplace of Alexander the Great.
    It is popular worldwide, as it is rich in rare minerals and trace elements that provide natural and exceptionally beneficial properties to the skin's health.
  • Loutrochori thermal spring water has been acknowledged as hypothermal, hypotonic, oligomineral and sulphureous, with 17 minerals and trace elements by the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory of the Aristotle Polytechnic University in Thessaloniki, Greece. The Greek Ministry of Health has also recommended its therapeutic properties in regard to dermatological use, skin irritations, the digestive and the muscular system.

Analysis of the red thermal spring water
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