Red Care

The Red Theory
Of Wellness

The Red Theory Of Wellness

  • The Red Water natural skin care proposal is perfectly compatible with the skin's physiology.
  • The first priority of our scientists, who meticulously develop the formulae for Red Water, was that the effectiveness of our products be combined with a total respect for the skin's natural demands.
  • The skin is not only the protective shield of the human organism, it is also a means of communication between the body and the environment. It breathes, senses, receives and transmits stimulants, filters substances, protects and mirrors the individuals health and well-being.
  • The composition of Red Water products is particularly gentle on the skin. It does not interfere with the hydrolipidic layer, while still nourishing with pure substances, minerals and trace elements which protect and respect the skin and reinforce the defensive and metabolic functions.
  • The line places emphasis on care and protection, and brings the of thermal spring water and to the daily demands of skin.